July is Lakes Appreciation Month!

Lakes Appreciation Month starts in just a couple of weeks and the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS) announces that they now have two new things to help you celebrate this year. You can now post your event and lake images to NALMS’ Facebook page using the hashtag #LakeAppreciation. Facebook and hashtags are the new ways for showing your appreciation for lakes and reservoirs. NALMS and other affiiates like the Colorado Lakes & Reservoirs Management Association have created Facebook pages where people can show o their favorite lake. It is amazing how many people like to share their photos. Lakes Appreciation Month is now on Facebook.

Also new this year, you can hand out t-shirts with a Lakes Appreciation Month design that kids can color themselves. Close to 1,000 Lakes Appreciation Month color-ons have been handed out to various lake groups that will be doing events in July. If you want to do a fun activity that kids will enjoy, consider handing out the NALMS color-ons. You can also design your own color-on. It takes about two weeks to get them so plan now. More information is on the NALMS site at www.nalms.org/lakes-appreciation-month/.

IMG_4412While you’re appreciating your lake, don’t forget to submit your Secchi measurements to the Secchi Dip- In! Like Lakes Appreciation Month, the Secchi Dip-In runs for the whole month of July and we’d love your help to make it a success! A NALMS program, the Dip-In is an international e ort in which volunteers produce a “snapshot” of the transparency of water in the United States and Canada. To learn more and join the celebration, visit the Dip-In website: www. secchidipin.org. 

source: NALMS Notes, Steve Lundt, Lakes Appreciation Month Program Chair

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