New York State offers guidance for septic system management for SepticSmart Week

Next week is SepticSmart Week, which is a good time to learn more about taking care of your own septic system or onsite wastewater treatment system (OWTS). A septic system or OWTS will serve a home or business for a long time if it is properly located, designed, constructed and maintained. For information about the operation and maintenance of private, commercial and institutional onsite wastewater treatment systems, view NYS DEC’s “A Guide to Help Managers of Small Businesses Keep their Wastewater Systems Working Properly (PDF)(520 KB)“. Information about home septic systems is available on NYS Department of Health’s Septic System Operation and Maintenance webpage. EPA holds SepticSmart Week each year to encourage homeowners and communities to properly maintain their septic systems.

Source: NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation “MakingWaves” 9/16/16

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