Researchers putting Water Hyacinth into Florida waters to improve water quality

Researchers in Florida are looking at adding rather than removing the aggressively invasive Water Hyacinth at Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge in Kings Bay to improve water quality.

Source: Weed’s News Digest

Volunteers were taking part in a bold pilot project that is the latest chapter in a half-century-long ecological story that reads like a fable. It started with a well-intentioned campaign to rid Kings Bay of the water hyacinth, an aggressive nonnative species, followed by decades of additional control measures and a tragic downward spiral that transformed these crystal-clear waters into an unpleasant soup of slimy green algae. Then the story takes an unexpected turn, back to its original antagonist. Only this time, Bob Knight, the wetlands restoration ecologist leading this pioneering project, has recast water hyacinth as the unlikely hero. He believes this South American native, if controlled, could help solve the algae problem and return the bay’s ecosystem to a more desirable state.

Read the complete story.


Source: The Weed’s News Digest


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