NALMS past-presidents fault lake management organizations’ watershed focus over in-lake issues

Kezar Lake, NH, USA. Copyright Michael R. Martin

North American Lake Management Society’s past-presidents Dick Osgood and Ken Wagner, writing in the February issue of NALMS Notes, emphasize the water quality impact of our nations lake management institutions “watersheds only” management approach in support of a change to these policies.

“We support the recently adopted NALMS Position, “Changes in US EPA Policy Implementing the Clean Water Act Are Required to Restore Water Quality in the Nation’s Lakes and Reservoirs.” This position is apt and timely and speaks to a larger concern regarding the institutionalization of the watershed-approach to managing lakes.

“The institutions involved with managing lakes, including the US EPA, have evolved to the nearly exclusive application of the watershed management paradigm with the result that more and more lakes are becoming impaired and few are actually being fixed.

“The watershed approach is an important and critical element of any lake management approach but one that ought not to be used exclusively. The NALMS position argues for a shift to a more balanced approach.”

Read the article in this month’s NALMS Notes.
Editor’s note: As a NALMS Past-president, I support NALMS’ position and concur with my colleagues’ article on the subject. – Michael R. Martin –

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