New Invasive Aquatic Plant Management Guide available

A new resource is available for lake stewards and managers: Maine Citizens’ Guide to Invasive Aquatic Plant Management. It covers readiness assessment, determining the best manual control strategy, hiring staff, developing an action plan, and much more. Plus, provides a number of case studies.

“Once an infestation has been confirmed, rapid response is crucial. The prospects for effective management or even eradication, is greatly increased by swift, well-planned, and properly executed controls. The purpose of the Citizens’ Guide to Invasive Aquatic Plant Management is to provide the information necessary to effectively manage invasive aquatic plant (IAP) populations; to prepare for such an eventuality; and to address all associated activities. Methods described in this Guide are based upon tested best management practices for controlling aquatic plants effectively and in a manner that protects wildlife and habitat.” (Maine VLMP)

Visit Maine’s Volunteer Lake Assessment Program’s Citizen’s Guide web page for more information and to download the PDF version of the Guide.

Source: Jacolyn Bailey, Project Director at Maine Milfoil Initiative / Saint Joseph’s College

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