How Invasive Species Changed the Great Lakes Forever

“June 1, 1988, the day everything changed for the Great Lakes, was sunny, hot and mostly calm — perfect weather for the young researchers from the University of Windsor who were hunting for critters crawling across the bottom of Lake St. Clair.”

So begins the article by Dan Egan of the Journal Sentinel about the “Watershed Moment” that changed the Great Lakes forever. This extensive article discusses how aquatic invasive species entered the Great Lakes System and changed the ecosystem, and what can begun to protect against future invaders.

This article is the first of four parts. Read all of the parts using these links:

  1. How invasive species changed the Great Lakes foreverJune 1, 1988 is the day everything changed for the Great Lakes — the day it began to dawn on researchers that the lakes were in for a massive invasion.
  2. Formidable invasive species won’t be easy to keep out of Great LakesHow do you protect the Great Lakes from being invaded by exotic organisms hitchhiking in the bowels of overseas freighters? With great difficulty.
  3. Park chief put foot down on invasive species. Can others follow suit? A national park superintendent issued a tough edict to the park’s Lake Superior ferry captain: Shape up the ship, or don’t sail. Can the government do the same?
  4. Leaping out of the lakes: Invasive mussels spread across AmericaHow quagga mussels put a serious bite on a Wisconsin man moving a boat across the West.

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