The National Lakes Assessment: Round Two

EPA, in collaboration with States, Tribes, Federal, and other partners, will conduct the second National Lakes Assessment (NLA) in 2012. This survey is one in a series of National Aquatic Resources Surveys (NARS) carried out by EPA and state partners to improve understanding of the quality of the Nation‘s waters. The results of the NLA 2012, including analyses of changes from 2007, will be published in December 2014, with repeat surveys every five years. Preparations and final planning is currently underway for the NLA 2012 survey.

For the NLA 2012, approximately 900 lake sites were randomly selected using a survey design that ensures the assessment will provide representative information on the condition of lakes at national and regional scales. Approximately one half of these sites were sampled in 2007 and the others are newly selected lakes. Some States are investing additional resources to supplement the survey design to provide State-scale reporting. As with the NLA 2007 and other NARS surveys, the NLA 2012 will use a reference based approach to assess lake quality, comparing survey data to assessments of high quality lakes within similar ecoregions. The selection of NLA 2012 indicators and field methods started with an evaluation of those used in NLA 2007. Several additions and changes were recommended by the Steering Committee including the addition of a pesticide screen.

For more information, go to:, or contact: Amina Pollard,
Source: NALMS Notes

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