New Pesticide Chemical Search makes it Easier to Find Regulatory Information on Pesticides

EPA has released Pesticide Chemical Search, a new Web-based application that will allow users to easily access chemical-specific information from the Office of Pesticide Programs’ website and several other important sources. Pesticide Chemical Search is designed to consolidate information related to pesticide chemicals (active ingredients), making it easier to find related regulatory and scientific information:

The new application collects existing web pages on specific chemicals on EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs’ website and allows users access to this information through a single portal. Users will also be able to quickly find the current status of a chemical and where it is in the review process. Another key feature is the ability to determine if there are any dockets open for public comment for a given chemical.

Other key features of Pesticide Chemical search include: 20,000+ regulatory documents such as fact sheets and REDs, links to over 800 dockets in Regulations.Gov, links to important information, including pesticide tolerances in the eCFR, web services that provide a wide variety and depth of information about a particular chemical, and 100,000+ chemical synonyms to power the search engine.

Pesticide Chemical Search will be expanded to include pesticide product labels and other relevant information in the near future.

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