The Adirondack Research Institute, Inc. is Launched to Provide Global Research Expertise and Focus Resources in Select Areas

The Adirondack Research Institute, Inc. is Launched to Provide Global Research Expertise and Focus Resources in Select Areas
Dedicated to improving the world for current and future generations.
McLean, VA and Keene, NY, October 1, 2011 – The Adirondack Research Institute, Inc.,a new non-profit research focused think tank and institute was formed to serve as a global leader and concentrate research efforts, financial resources, and expertise in a number of key sectors:  Economics; Education; Emerging Markets; Energy; Entrepreneurship; and Excellence.
“Our decision to launch The Adirondack Research Institute, Inc. at this time was driven by a confluence of dynamic factors – the demand for more resources, leadership and guidance in developing alternative energy sources; the increased pace of globalization; the expansion of developing markets, including the frontier markets; and the continued spread of democracy and expansion of free market capitalism as demonstrated by the Arab Spring,”  commented Edmund L. Luzine, Jr., Founder and Managing Director of Adirondack.  “Those factors, combined with the vast expansion of knowledge driven by fundamental scientific research, the explosion of information technology, 24/7 media coverage, social media, the impact of the financial crises combined with natural disasters, and the break-down of governmental agencies during a period of global war and recession have created the need for a new and innovative non-profit research institute and charity.
“We have been very impressed with the pace of globalization and the spread of capitalism, and the need for a research institute to be focused on supporting these items along with promoting excellence in government and corporate operations, and promoting other initiatives, such as a global energy strategy focused on cleaner sources of energy – clean natural gas, clean coal technology, nuclear/solar power, wind power, an improved energy storage and distribution grid and many other areas of benefit to the world’s residents,”  he added.
The new think tank will allow individual and corporate donors to capitalize on Adirondack’s global infrastructure of experts and its network of corporate, governmental and academic relationships in order to direct research and focus donations to provide solutions and assistance where it is needed most.
Adirondack’s first donation was made in the Education sector – to the St. Agnes School in Lake Placid, New York.  ARI is currently working on a number of projects to promote and support veterans of the current global war, and to concentrate research efforts on the rare earth elements.
About The Adirondack Research Institute, Inc.:
Adirondack is a newly launched non-profit research institute and think tank formed to serve as a global leader and focus its efforts on a number of key sectors.  These sectors include, but are not limited to:  Economics; Education; Emerging Markets; Energy; Entrepreneurship; and Excellence.  ARI was founded by investment banker, professor and Army Colonel Edmund L. Luzine, Jr., an expert in the global emerging markets who has lived and worked in over 48 nations – from Afghanistan to Yugoslavia.  He was one of the initial pioneers and a major participant in the trading of LDC (lesser developed countries) or global emerging markets assets in the early 1990s.  Mr. Luzine worked for many years at Dresdner Kleinwort Benson North America LLC, Dresdner Bank, AG and First Chicago in New York.  He also served as an advisor to the World Bank Resident Mission in Sarajevo, Bosnia and assisted in privatizing state-owned assets, developing a new currency, and re-structuring the banking sector in order to stabilize Eastern Europe and assist with the reconstruction and development program after many years of war and the failure of communism.  He worked with Iraqi ex-pats at the US State Department, as a participant in the Future of Iraq Work Groups – established to repair and assist the development of a nation devastated by nearly 30 years of war.  He is an adjunct finance professor in the MBA program at Union Graduate College of Union University in upstate New York.  Lt. Colonel Luzine was one of the key special operations officers recalled to active duty after the 9/11 attacks and served in Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) in 2002 and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.  His duties in the Middle East and Central Asia involved funding reconstruction projects that built schools, renovated hospitals, overhauled irrigation systems, redistributed oil for food supplies, and numerous other operational and stabilization efforts.  Adirondack’s offices are located in New York and Virginia.  ARI is also affiliated with related entities that maintain a regional Latin American office in Miami and an Asian office in Singapore.
The Adirondack Research Institute, Inc. plans to open additional offices in the Middle East and Africa within the next year. 
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