The Finger Lakes Institute announces its 7th year of the Finger Lakes Research Conference

The Finger Lakes Institute celebrates its 7th year of the Finger Lakes Research Conference, scheduled for November 19, by recognizing just a few of the research scientists that dedicate their work to studying the Finger Lakes environment. This issue of Happenings introduces you to just of few of the scientists working in the region. Visit the Finger Lakes Institute web page dedicated to these honored scientists. They have shared their personal inspirations, concerns, and descriptions of their work to offer transparency and clear understanding of the science that is conducted in the Finger Lakes region.

  • Dr. Lisa Cleckner 
  • Dr. Susan Cushman 
  • Dr. Bruce Gilman
  • Dr. John Halfman
  • Dr. Darrin Magee 
  • Dr. Nicholas Metz 

Interested in learning more? Attending the Finger Lakes Research Conference is an opportunity to interact and network with these research scientists, and many others, to learn of their findings, and share your concerns and ideas for future work. Abstracts for presenting at the conference (students welcome!) are due October 10 and early attendee registration closes on November 10.

Finger Lakes Research Conference
 November 19, 2011
Submit your abstract by October 10 to
Members of the public, students, educators, independent scientists are encouraged to attend and participate!

Learn More!

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