New features Announced for iMapInvasives version 1.5

The iMapInvasives team has announced the recent roll-out of version 1.5 of their invasive plant geotracking software. Some of the new features include:

– Email alert system (for level 5 and above): Pick a geography and species of interest to receive emails when a newly confirmed observation matches your alert criteria.
– Improved Custom Observation Query and Report interface
– “Zoom to Coordinate” feature on the map
– The ability to edit your observation entry after submitting and before it is confirmed, including new fields for voucher information.
– Polygon area automatically calculates when adding assessment details

iMapInvasives is an on-line, GIS-based, all-taxa invasive species mapping tool focused on serving the needs of land managers, regional planners and others working to prevent, control or manage invasive species. A particular emphasis is placed on functionality designed to aid in Early Detection/Rapid Response (ED/RR) efforts.

The initial consortium, formed to develop, support and maintain iMapInvasives, was comprised of four partners: the natural heritage program of the state of Florida (Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI), the New York Natural Heritage Program (NYNHP), The Nature Conservancy, and NatureServe.

Visit iMapInvasives on-line for more information

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