Asian Clams Now Identified in Four Locations in Lake George

Additional Asian clam discovered in Norowal Marina, Treasure Cove

Lake George Association (LGA) reports two additional sites infested with Asian clam have been discovered on the west side of Lake George near Bolton — one at Norowal Marina, found by Darrin Fresh Water Institute scientists, and the other at Treasure Cove, found by the LGA staff. These infestations appear to be significantly smaller than the nearly six-acre site at the village.

These discoveries drove home the urgent need to immediately survey the entire Lake to better evaluate the extent of the problem and to prioritize the next steps. (Lake Tahoe’s population quickly grew to over 200 acres, and they spend over $1 million a year just to manage it.)

One very surprising finding from LGA’s recent discovery: the Treasure Cove population was not found in a shallow sandy location, but instead in a location with vegetation and mucky sediment. (So far, over 60 clean sites have been surveyed. See today’s full press release on survey efforts here.)

LGA states that they urgently need to raise additional funds to fight this threat. Even with over $500,000 raised to combat the infestation in the village, the task force has serious concerns about how to finance the September removal of the mats and the rebar, as well as additional matting and suction harvesting that may be necessary. Current costs to monitor and manage the mats already in place are running $5,000 per week.

For more updates on the Asian clam and LGA’s eradication efforts, visit the STOP the ASIAN CLAM website.

Source: Lake George Association E-news August 2011
Lake George Association
PO Box 408 Lake George, NY 12845 518-668-3558
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