Introducing the Freshwater Society

I want to introduce readers of the Lake Stewardship Blog to the Freshwater Society and the Freshwater Society Blog. – Michael R. Martin, CLM, Lake Stewardship Blog/Lake Stewardship dot org.

Since 1968 – two years before the first Earth Day – the Freshwater Society has been a leading public nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving, restoring, and protecting freshwater resources and their surrounding watersheds. To achieve this goal, our organization:

  • Recognizes the vital role of freshwater to all living things and the impending crisis in the quantity and quality of accessible freshwater.
  • Dedicates its experience and resources to activities that lead to the understanding, protection, enhancement, and restoration of freshwater resources.
  • Invites the participation and support of individuals, associations, business and industry, institutions, educators, and government in these activities.

The mission of the Freshwater Society is to promote the protection and rational management of all freshwater resources.

  • a blog about valuing, protecting and conserving water resources

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