Request for 2009 Applications: Smart Growth Implementation Assistance

The Development, Community, and Environment Division in EPA’s Office of Policy, Economics, and Innovation is seeking applications for technical assistance from communities that want to incorporate smart growth in their future development to meet environmental and other community goals. Eligible entities are tribal, local, regional, and state governments, and nonprofit organizations that have a demonstrated partnership with a governmental entity. Applications are due at 5:00 pm EST, April 23, 2009.

EPA has identified some key areas in which communities are likely to benefit from technical assistance (free technical assistance available):

  • Climate change (both mitigation of and adaptation to) 
  • Green job development 
  • Corridor redevelopment 
  • Green building development 
  • Suburban retrofitting 
  • Disaster resiliency

Proposals are not limited to requests for technical assistance in only these thematic areas; other topics for assistance are welcome and encouraged, provided they demonstrate cutting-edge challenges and the possibility of replicable solutions.

EPA is soliciting applications for assistance with either policy analysis or public participatory processes. The type of work may incorporate policy analysis and review, planning and visioning processes, scorecard/ranking criteria development and assessment, and/or other elements pertinent to the role of the applicant.

Selected communities or states will receive assistance in the form of a multi-day visit from a team of experts organized by EPA and other national partners to work with local leaders. EPA plans to assist three to five communities over a period of twelve months. The Agency anticipates announcing the selected communities in fall of 2009. For more information and application materials, visit

Source: Waterheadlines

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