Final Report on Detection and Quantitation Approaches and Uses in Clean Water Act Programs

EPA has received the final report of the Federal Advisory Committee on Detection and Quantitation Approaches and Uses in Clean Water Act Programs.
“We appreciate the committee’s effort, which will help EPA’s continuing work to ensure sound science and effective permitting,” said Assistant Administrator for Water Benjamin H. Grumbles.

The committee, which EPA established, concluded its work on Dec. 21, 2007. This report provides advice and recommendations on the development of a new and improved procedure for determining detection and quantitation limits, and how these limits should be used in NPDES permit reporting and compliance determinations. The committee considered challenging policy and technical issues related to detection and quantitation limits, particularly in those situations where Water Quality-Based Effluent Limits are below analytical method detection capabilities. The committee represented a balanced membership from the states, environmental community, environmental laboratories, industry, and public utilities. The final report is available at .

Click on Title link to view entire article. Thanks to EPA’s Water Headlines for the submission.

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