Final EPA Release of the Water Quality Standards Database

In December 2007, EPA posted the ninth and last release of the Water Quality Standards Database (WQSDB) Direct access to water quality standards (WQS) information has many benefits, including enabling more informed public participation in establishing and revising state WQS, as envisioned by the Clean Water Act. As part of EPA’s efforts to enhance access to WQS information, EPA is assisting states in establishing state-level WQS databases on their own websites, so that the information can be kept current as states revise their standards. More information on this initiative is provided in the WQSDB Release 9.0 fact sheet.

The WQSDB organizes and displays WQS information in tables and maps, waterbody by waterbody. This information has been verified and approved by 54 states, tribes, and territories. EPA and the states are transitioning into a new way of providing public access to WQS information in which states can use either their own database or a copy of the WQSDB to manage and share their WQS information. This final version of the WQSDB is scheduled to be removed from the EPA website in February 2008. Thereafter, members of the public can access their state’s WQS program webpage at: and can view the WQS documents upon which the WQSDB information is based at .

Click on Title link to view entire article. Thanks to EPA Water Headlines for the submission.

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