EPA Publishes New "EPA Watershed Training Opportunities" Booklet

EPA recently published a new EPA Watershed Training Opportunities booklet, EPA 841-B-06-001. This 27-page booklet highlights watershed training opportunities sponsored by EPA’s Office of Water and the Watershed Academy. The booklet provides brief information on EPA-sponsored live training courses, Web-based training opportunities including Webcasts, training materials such as documents and videos, and watershed-related Web sites that are available to EPA staff and others.

This booklet updates an earlier version of the booklet also called EPA Watershed Training Opportunities, EPA 841-B-01-002, published in March 2001.

Copies are available at no charge from the National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP) at: 800-490-9198 or 513-489-8190 (please include the document number when you request copies- EPA 841-B-06-001).
The booklet is also available on the Watershed Academy Web site at: http://www.epa.gov/owow/watershed/wacademy/wtopps.html.

Thanks for the info to:
Anne Weinberg, Communications Coordinator
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Assessment and Watershed Protection Division

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