CEE to attend 2018 NH Lakes Congress

Michael R. Martin, CLM, president of Cedar Eden Environmental, will be attending and exhibiting at the NH Lakes Congress held at Church Landing at Mill Falls, Meredith, NH. The 2018 conference theme is “NH Lakes – The Next 25 Years.” Michael has a long history with NH lakes, having started his career as an Environmental Biologist with the NH Department of Environmental Services, where he sampled numerous lakes and ponds, developed a number of lake management plans, co-founded the state volunteer lake monitoring program, co-founded the state chronic toxicity biological testing lab and created the state lake water quality database.

NH LAKES hosts its annual Lakes Congress each spring. During this all-day educational, training, and networking event, lake and other natural resource stewards, lake management professionals, lake-related business leaders, and municipal and political leaders exchange information, ideas and experiences, and introduce new approaches to help manage and protect our lakes. The 2018 Lakes Congress, its 25th annual gathering, celebrates the history of lake culture in New Hampshire while specifically focusing on current and emerging threats that must be addressed during the next 25 years to preserve NH lakes. Learn more about NH Lakes Association at http://nhlakes.org

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