Lake Management Best Practices: Alum for Phosphorus Control in Lakes and Ponds

Lake Advocates Publishers announces the second book in their Lake Management Best Practices series: Alum for Phosphorus Control in Lakes and Ponds. Lake Management Best Practices™ is a series of brief, readable publications describing effective, reliable best practices.  Through these publications, Lake Advocates provides objective, science-based lake management information.  This is especially important in light of improved lake management techniques and as well as the emergence of lake management techniques and technologies that have yeto be proven reliable or effective. The series is designed to be readily available to a wide audience by making them short and readable – also affordable.  By using print-on-demand and eBooks, Lake Advocates is able to keep these publications current and easily add content, clarifications and new information. The first book in the series was Managing Algae Problems.

About Lake Advocates

Lake Advocates is dedicated to providing guidance based on decades of experience and with a strong scientific foundation. See their website for additional guidance ( Lake Advocates advocates and facilitates scientifically-based lake protection, management and restoration through applied research, policy development, training, case studies, leadership development to federal, state and local agencies and organizations charged with stewarding our lake health now and for the next generations. Lake Advocates services are delivered using a network of experienced professionals.

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