EPA Publishes Draft Aquatic Life Criteria for Copper in Estuarine/Marine Waters

EPA is soliciting public comment on draft aquatic life criteria for copper in estuarine/marine waters. The 2016 draft criteria incorporates a recently-developed saltwater biotic ligand model and the latest scientific information for estuarine/marine aquatic organisms. The model allows users to develop protective chronic and acute values based on site-specific water quality variables including temperature, dissolved organic carbon, salinity, and pH.

Copper is toxic to aquatic organisms at higher concentrations. The updated criteria will be particularly beneficial for protecting aquatic life in and around coastal harbors and marinas, where antifouling paints and coatings on vessels and marine structures are some of the most commonly identified sources of copper to the estuarine/marine environment. EPA will accept comments on the 2016 draft criteria document for 60 days upon Federal Register publication.

Learn more here

Source: EPA Water Headlines

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