The Center for Watershed Protection releases new guide for Safe Waters, Healthy Waters

Safe Waters, Healthy Waters: A Guide for Citizen Groups on Bacteria Monitoring in Local Waterways

The Center for Watershed Protection, Inc. (the Center) has released a new guide for citizen science groups and watershed organizations across the nation to take a role in finding and eliminating sources of harmful bacteria in their communities. Bacteria is one of the most common pollutants in our nation’s waterways. Researchers and regulatory agencies have determined that monitoring bacteria in waterways can help identify human health risks associated with drinking water, shellfish consumption, and recreational water contact.

You can read and download the guide here:

For more information about the Safe Waters, Healthy Waters guide, contact Laurel Williamson, Stormwater and Watershed Planner, Center for Watershed Protection, at For General Questions, call 410-461-8323, or email


Source: Center for Watershed Protection

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