Tools, Strategies and Lessons Learned from EPA Green Infrastructure Technical Assistance Projects

A Resource for Accelerating Green Infrastructure as Business-as-Usual for Stormwater Management, Infrastructure Investment and Community Development

Photo 20160204065711820Urban stormwater continues to be a persistent and growing source of water pollution across the United States. Climate change is leading to more intense weather events and dwindling water supplies. Together these conditions stress the performance of the nation’s water infrastructure. Green infrastructure is an adaptable and multifunctional approach to stormwater management and climate resiliency with many benefits for communities.

Since 2012 EPA has supported technical assistance projects in communities across the country. This report summarizes successes and lessons learned from this effort. It matches problems with real-world, tested solutions. With a guide to green infrastructure practices and a table of benefits, city managers can share the report with potential collaborators and stakeholders.

You can also learn more by visiting the EPA’s Green Infrastructure Web Cast Series – including information on upcoming webcasts and links to view past webcasts


Source: EPA Green Infrastructure

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