EPA Launches New Tool to Support Community Interest in Green Infrastructure

EPA is releasing a new web-based tool that helps local officials and other community members consider the benefits and uses of green infrastructure. The Green Infrastructure Wizard, or GIWiz, responds to growing community interest in using green infrastructure as a means of addressing water quality and a range of other local goals. Using a self-guided format, users can find EPA tools and resources to:

  • Learn the basics of green infrastructure;
  • Explore options for financing green infrastructure;
  • Visualize and design rain gardens, permeable pavement, and other types of green infrastructure;
  • Understand how other communities are using green infrastructure to revitalize neighborhoods and enhance land use; and
  • Develop green infrastructure public education and outreach campaigns.

EPA developed the Green Infrastructure Wizard with input from local, state and tribal partners. EPA is inviting additional input on this Beta version of the product, with the goal of making continued improvements going forward.
Read more here
Source: Water Headlines

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