NY DEC Five Rivers Environmental Education Center

Five Rivers Environmental Education Center is a living museum comprising over 450 acres of broad fields, towering forests, and tranquil wetlands. Five Rivers offers people of all ages a rich variety of guided and self-guided opportunities to encounter nature directly. Stimulating interpretive programs and guided school lessons promote awareness, knowledge and appreciation of New York State’s environment year ’round. With over 10 miles of trails for self-guided exploration, Five Rivers fosters discovery, spiritual refreshment and physical fitness through wholesome outdoor recreation.br>
During the heat of midday, enjoy a relaxing picnic in the shade, or visit the air-conditioned education building with its dozens of intriguing exhibits, including several live animals that can’t be returned to the wild.

Wildlife to Watch for:

  • Great place for birdwatching: 225 species, no waiting! 
  •  Excellent chance for deer, squirrels and bluebirds, even in winter! 
  • Spring and fall migrations are definitely worth a gander! 
  • In summer, expect to also encounter turtles, geese, frogs and grassland bird specialties
  •  “Best Park For Nature” – Metroland, 2008

More about Five Rivers Environmental Education Center:


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