Rain Garden iPhone App

UConn Center for Land Use Education and Research (CLEAR) has developed a Rain Garden smart phone app that is now available for download from iTunes.

The app is targeted to homeowners and contractors, and leads the user through the proper siting, sizing, construction, planting and maintenance of a rain garden. It includes nifty tools to help the user figure out the proper size of the garden, find out about local soil conditions, get a handle on the price of construction, and customize a plant list that will delight the eye while soaking up stormwater. In addition, there are 6 short video segments explaining various aspects of rain garden care and feeding.

The app is only for iPhones at the moment, but they say they will have an Android version out soon. Also, the imagery and plants are specific to CT, but they are starting work on a national version that will have extensive databases for each area of the country.

For more information, go to the App’s info page on the iTunes store or on the NEMO website

To learn more about Rain Gardens visit the NEMO Rain Garden Website.

Source:  David Dickson 
National NEMO Coordinator & Extension Educator 
Center for Land use Education And Research (CLEAR) 
UConn College of Ag & Natural Resources 
Department of Extension 
P.O. Box 70 
Haddam, CT 06438 
(860) 345-5228

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