Lake Champlain 2012 State of the Lake and Ecosystems Indicators Report Released

On August 1st the Lake Champlain Basin Program released State of the Lake and Ecosystems Indicators Report 2012. The report informs citizens and resource managers about Lake Champlain’s condition and provides a better understanding of threats to its health and opportunities to meet the challenges ahead.

The latest edition of the document, which is produced every three or four years and is based on the latest science and management perspectives, summarizes several categories of lake health: phosphorus, human health, fish and wildllife, and aquatic invasive species. This year’s report also includes a special section on the effects of the historic flooding of 2011.

At the press event for the document’s unveiling, LCBP Program Manager Bill Howland noted, “Again, in 2012, we share both good and not so good news, depending on which issue and which lake segment is being discussed. Certainly the Lake is not meeting phosphorus concentration targets, but each jurisdiction remains diligent and active in their efforts to decrease loads.”

The LCBP has launched an online version of the State of the Lake, which includes all the content in the print document as well as supplemental material and additional French translation. Hard copies are also available free of charge by contacting

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