iMapInvasives: Mapping Invasive Species On-Line

Invasive species are widely considered to be one the greatest threats to biodiversity (Wilson, 2001). This is a nationwide problem encompassing many different non-native plants, animals, and even microbial pathogens. There are many individuals, public agencies and private organizations working to manage invasive species. Having access to strategic invasive species location information can support and enhance this important invasive species management work.

A consortium has formed to develop, support and maintain an on-line, GIS-based, all-taxa invasive species mapping tool, iMapInvasives, focused on serving the needs of land managers, regional planners and others working to prevent, control or manage invasive species. A particular emphasis is placed on functionality designed to aid in Early Detection/Rapid Response (ED/RR) efforts.

The initial consortium is comprised of four partners: the natural heritage program of the state of Florida (Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI), the New York Natural Heritage Program (NYNHP), The Nature Conservancy, and NatureServe.

For information on functionality currently under development see Future Plans section.

For information on the iMapInvasives Project including information about how your states can participate see the iMapInvasives Service section.

For more information visit

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