Revised Asian Clam Containment and Eradication Plan

Originally a suction harvesting operation was to be combined with use of benthic barriers this spring. This operation was fully permitted by the regulatory agencies. Unfortunately, the high costs, late ice-out conditions on the lake, and logistical issues for staging this complex operation on shore, all forced the LGACRRTF to abandon these plans and pursue an expanded benthic barrier only treatment effort in the spring. Based on results from the spring treatment effort, a fall treatment effort that involves suction harvesting and benthic barriers in some combination is planned.

The LGACRRTF is still aiming for eradication- but our timeline is now a bit stretched out – with ‘containment’ as the goal for this spring’s effort, then assessment and re-strategizing over the summer, and then ‘eradication’ as the goal of a follow-up effort this fall/winter.

Click here for the pdf of the latest plan.
Source: Lake George Asian Clam Eradication Project

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