Wisconsin DNR announces new website

You are invited to explore the Wisconsin DNR’s new website! The old site will remain available until mid-2010.

Organized by topic, the new website is much easier to navigate. “Lakes” appears within several spots, most notably:

1.) Environment & Health -> Natural Resources -> Lakes


2.) Outdoors and Nature -> Public Lands in Wisconsin -> Lakes & Flowages


 A few notes about the new site:

Some pages link back to the old site. Over the coming months, Jim, Dennis and Jennifer will finish moving those pages over to the new site.

We will set up “redirects” from our old web addresses, so your links should still work. If you notice a problem, let us know. 

New Dynamic Web Pages – Some new “dynamic” web pages are available!http://new.dnr.wi.gov/Default.aspx?Page=391c2658-429f-4eab-af05-128368702c28

1.) The “Lake Pages” – Find a lake. Work in progress, with data updates and additional information (water quality, etc.) forthcoming.

2.) “Contacts” – instead of being maintained by hand, the contact information is coming out of SWIMS, enabling us to cross-link people and lake organizations to projects, etc. Recent updates will be reflected soon.

3.) “Lake Contour Maps” – The maps Jim has worked so hard to scan. Now, lake name, area, etc. table is coming from the DNR Register of Waterbodies to keep information consistent across our pages.

4.) “Local Projects” (via. Grants)— Click Grants to browse grants awarded. Work in progress with recently awarded grants yet to be geo-located, more “activities” to be added, and more final reports yet to be uploaded.

5.) “Invasives”and “Clean Boats, Clean Waters” — these pages are the same for the most part.

Source: Jim Vennie and Jennifer Filbert, Lakes-L Blog for Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. 101 S. Webster Street • PO Box 7921 •Madison, Wisconsin 53707-7921 • 608-266-2621


  1. I love the new website. Good job you guys for going through this effort. The site sorely needed a make over and the new one seems headed in the absolute right direction.


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