Web Seminar – What’s Below the Surface of Your Reservoir

YSI has announced a free web seminar entitled What's Below the Surface of Your Reservoir? – Using Water Quality Monitoring & Mapping Systems to Find Out More About Your Source Water

July 30 1PM-2PM EDT

If you are interested in: 

• Early warning of taste- and odor-causing algae

• Monitoring low dissolved oxygen and stratification

• Tracking the impacts of storm events

• Monitoring water quality at intakes

• Calculating volume of reservoir

Join the webinar to learn about:

• Automated vertical profiling of water column

• 3-D mapping of water quality

• Bathymetry and volume mapping

• Case studies from source water manager

For more information, contact YSI at: environmental@ysi.com

Tel: +1-937-767-7241  US: 800-897-4151

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