Aquatic Invasive Speces Rapid Response Plan Approved for Lake Champlain Basin

Thanks to the dedicated work of the Lake Champlain Basin Program (LCBP) Aquatic Nuisance Species Subcommittee and Rapid Response Workgroup, the Lake Champlain Basin Rapid Response Action Plan for Aquatic Invasive Species has been approved by the LCBP Steering Committee. This plan is intended to ensure that appropriate protocols, trained personnel, equipment, permits, and other resources are in place to contain and potentially eradicate newly detected nonnative aquatic invasive species as they are reported in the Basin. The plan envisions a task force comprised of members from Quebec, New York, and Vermont to implement and oversee rapid response actions.

This plan will be very helpful should hydrilla (for example) be found in Lake Champlain. Hydrilla has rapidly spread since it was introduced into Florida waters by an aquatic fish dealer and is now found in Connecticut, Maine, and Massachusetts. The aggressive invasive poses a looming threat to Lake Champlain as it is very adaptable and difficult to control once it has established a population. The Rapid Response plan will limit its impact on the Lake and prevent hydrilla from clogging waterways.

For more information about hydrilla or other aquatic nuisance species, visit

Source: Lake Champlain Basin Program

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