Presidential initiative provides volunteers for your lake & watershed stewardship programs

SUBJECT: President's new service initiative provides opportunity to get new volunteers for your program – act quickly

Dear Watershed Organizations and Volunteer Monitoring Program Coordinators:

President Obama will soon be announcing a Summer of Service campaign which offers a new and exciting opportunity to help you build up your roster of volunteers and raise awareness about volunteer monitoring and watershed stewardship. This week the President will be encouraging nonprofit organizations with a need for volunteers to register at

On June 22, the President and his Cabinet will officially launch the Summer of Service and encourage Americans to volunteer for their communities. The President will direct potential volunteers to to find local opportunities for service.

EPA is using this opportunity to promote volunteer monitoring and watershed stewardship. It is our hope that this Presidential initiative will encourage many more people to work to protect their watersheds.

Please consider registering your. program at You may get contacted by a number of volunteers eager to help your organization.

Think through what opportunities you might have for this summer, including monitoring workshops and events, debris cleanups, riparian restoration, community education, storm drain marking and other activities. If you want to sign up, you should do so as soon as possible, as a surge of web traffic is expected starting this week by
both organizations and individuals looking to get involved in volunteering this summer. However, if you're not quite prepared for a whole new cadre of volunteers, or for reporting the results of your summer volunteer activities at, you may not want to sign up at this time. One of the goals of this effort will be sustainable volunteerism, so if you're not ready to sign up this summer, you can always do so later on.

Please go to to register your program or for more information.
Thanks for all you do, every day.

If you have questions about this initiative, feel free to contact Alice
Mayio at

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