Free "Wetlands – Reconnecting Youth with Nature." Webcast May 28th in celebration of American Wetlands Month

EPA’s Watershed Academy is sponsoring a free May 28th Webcast Seminar entitled “Wetlands – Reconnecting Youth with Nature” in celebration of American Wetlands Month. 

As more Americans dwell in cities and suburbs, our society has become increasingly distanced from the natural world. More sedentary lifestyles, a reliance on electronic devices for creative play and entertainment, more structured “free-time” and less opportunity to explore outside have only added to this separation for children. The absence of everyday connections with nature can have a very negative effect – if our youth don’t have meaningful experiences with nature, how will they come to care for and appreciate it and spearhead the next generation of environmental stewardship? 
Join us for a special American Wetlands Month Webcast as we explore this issue, hear about their efforts to change these trends, and discuss the unique role wetlands can play in reconnecting young people with nature. The Webcast will feature Richard Louv, distinguished author and Chairman of the Children and Nature Network; Suzanne Pittenger-Slear, President and CEO of Environmental Concern Inc.; and Davon Kenneth Johnson, Earth Conservation Corps. 
To register for the free Webcast, please visit

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