National Aquatic Nuisance Species Clearinghouse Now Part of NY Invasive Species Clearinghouse

The aquatic invasive/aquatic nuisance species database of the National Aquatic Nuisance Species Clearinghouse (NANSC) is now a part of the NY Invasive Species Clearinghouse (http://NYIS.INFO). The database is a searchable, annotated catalog of the NANSC international library of research, public policy, and outreach education publications pertaining to invasive marine and fresh-water aquatic nuisance species that are found in North America. It is also the home of North America’s most extensive library of publications related to the spread, biology, impacts and control of zebra mussels. The Aquatic Invasive Species Database can be searched via an extended outline search or via a powerful full text search feature.

Web site: http://NYIS.INFO     

Source: Charles “Chuck” R. O’Neill, Jr.
Sr. Extension Specialist
Cornell University/New York Sea Grant
Director, NY Invasive Species Clearinghouse
Director, National Aquatic Nuisance Species ClearinghouseCoordinator,
Cornell Invasive Species Program
SUNY College Brockport, NY

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