Water Storage Changes Earth Rotation, Causes Climate Disturbances

NASA scientists, in conjunction with USGS researchers, have discovered that changes in water storage have altered the tilt and rotation of the earth, causing a noticeable disturbance in climate. Damming rivers and creating permanent reservoirs far north and south of the equater, preventing surface water from taking its natural course to the sea, has changed the entire balance of the planet. As a result, measurably changes in the expected tilt and rotation have been detected by satellite and ground-based global positioning instrumentation. In response to these findings, the UN and WHO have drafted a planet-wide treaty to begin releasing stored water at a rate sufficient to stabilize the earth’s water balance while minimizing flooding of downstream regions.

“The days of guilt-free hydropower and flood-control have come to an end,” stated Izak Nu-Ton, acting chair of UN’s Committee on Planetary Ecology. “We must soon return to our pre-dam state or face planetwide consequences.”

USGS researchers note, however, that our loss (in power generation and flood control) will be the environment’s gain, referring to the positive impact returning rivers to their free-running state would have on fish and other creatures.

Source: My Wild Imagination (but based on a kernal of truth)


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