EPA Releases “Watershed Central” Web Site and a "Watershed Wiki”

EPA recently posted a new Web site called “Watershed Central” to help watershed organizations and others find key information they need to implement watershed management projects. The primary purpose of the new Watershed Central Web site is to make it easy for organizations to find the information that they need to help protect and restore their water resources. Watershed Central helps users find environmental data, watershed models, nearby local organizations, guidance documents and other information depending on the task at hand. Watershed Central also contains links to watershed technical resources, funding sources, mapping applications and information specific to named watersheds.

The site includes a “Watershed Central Wiki” for collaboration and information sharing. We encourage all watershed practitioners to use this new Watershed Wiki to share tools, scientific findings, expertise, and local approaches to watershed management. Watershed Central not only links to EPA Web resources, but also links to other valuable funding, guidance and tools on Web sites of state, tribal, and federal partners, universities, and nonprofit organizations. EPA’s new site is located at: http://www.epa.gov/watershedcentral

Source: EPA Waterheadlines

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