NALMS Offers Spring LakeLine at Reduced Rate for Lake Groups

Thanks to the generous support of the US Environmental Protection Agency, NALMS is pleased to be able to offer the Spring 2009 issue of LakeLine Magazine to its affiliates at a discounted price of $5.00 per copy + shipping. The issue will be mailed in bulk to a single address and it will be the recipient’s responsibility to distribute them as they see fit.

This issue of LakeLine is focused on the theme of shoreline management and the articles focus on the benefits of a natural shoreline to humans, to lake quality and to aquatic biota; and how to convert a hardened shoreline into a soft one. The articles in this issue include:

  • “Littoral Habitat at Developed and Undeveloped Sites in Vermont” – Kellie Merrill & Eric Howe
  • “Effects of shoreline urbanization on aquatic-terrestrial coupling in lakes” – Tessa Francis
  • “Experiences to Convert Hardened Shoreline Surfaces in Reston, VA” – Larry Butler
  • “Wisconsin Shoreline Restoration Project” – Patrick Goggin et al.
  • “Workhorse species” – Patrick Goggin
  • “Policies (and results) to Encourage Shoreline Management in Indiana” – Jeremy Price
  • “Measuring Bathymetry and Aquatic Plant Abundance” – Mark Hoyer

To order copies of this issue at the discounted rate or for more information, contact the NALMS office at 608.233.2836 or by March 23.

Minimum order of 20 copies. Supplies are limited.

Thanks to Philip Forsberg, North American Lake Management Society, for the information.

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