GPB News: EPA Advisory Came After Record PFOA Find

GPB has confirmed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found what is believed to be the highest concentrations of PFOA in soil ever collected in the United States at a non-spill site near Decatur, Alabama.

While the specific amount of the likely carcinogenic compound has not been publicly disclosed, Gail Mitchell of the EPA confirmed the PFOA was found very near the parts per million range at a site that processes sludge from waste water.

. . .

Numerous studies have linked PFOA exposure to multiple cancers. The EPA has not definitively ruled on how much PFOA exposure might put humans at a health risk, prompting the “likely carcinogen” classification.

PFOA is a chemical often described as a by product of making stain resistant carpet. It’s also found in non-stick coating, such as Teflon.

Click on Title link to view entire article. Source: Georgia News

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