Waterkeeper Alliance Issues Blueprint for Clean Water Recommendations for Obama Administration

The Waterkeeper Alliance — the environmental group founded by Robert Kennedy, Jr., reportedly under consideration by the Obama transition team to head EPA — has developed a broad set of recommendations for how the next administration should clean up the nation’s waters. The report, A Blueprint for Clean Water, calls for reversing scores of actions by the outgoing Bush administration and then implementing an aggressive agenda to limit water pollution and protect water resources. The paper suggests policy changes on 33 topics, including clarifying the scope of the Clean Water Act over isolated waters, prioritizing permitting of ships’ ballast discharges, stricter controls on pharmaceuticals in drinking water, non-point sources, mining and oil and gas issues, sewage and stormwater and other measures.

Among the sweeping recommendations, the paper pushes for Congress to create a Clean Water Trust Fund to finance clean water infrastructure projects; end EPA’s use of 301(h) waivers that excuse wastewater treatment plants from secondary treatment; create stringent controls for nutrients, pesticides and pharmaceuticals in water; and treat factory farms as industrial polluters. The group pushes for a boost to enforcement resources and a restructuring of the office to encourage more even standards across the country, a net-gain wetlands policy and impaired waters listing for beaches. To view the Blueprint for Clean Water Report, visit: http://www.insideepa.com/secure/data_extra/dir_08/epa2008_1806.pdf.

Source: NALMS Notes

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