EPA Handbook to Assist Local Officials Implement Green Infrastructure Programs

EPA is developing a series of documents, collectively called the Municipal Handbook, to assist local officials with implementation of green infrastructure programs. Each 15-20 page issue covers a very specific issue associated with establishing and implementing a comprehensive program.

Funding Options was released in September. This week 3 additional installments in the series are being released: Green Infrastructure Retrofit Policies addresses the challenges and opportunities associated with implementing a comprehensive municipal program to incorporate green infrastructure into existing landscapes, including descriptions of a wide variety of incentives and regulations that communities have used to drive green infrastructure retrofits. Green Streets focuses on one of the most common opportunities for implementing green infrastructure in urban areas, the transportation right-of-way; this paper discusses specific designs, how to overcome typical hurdles, and includes descriptions of several successful municipal green streets programs. Rainwater Harvesting Policies provides information on the impetus for rainwater harvesting, including energy and climate change drivers, technical and policy considerations for establishing water harvesting programs, and mu
nicipal case studies. Coming Attractions in 2009 will be Handbook installments on operation and maintenance, municipal incentives, and more.

The Municipal Handbook is available online at: http://www.epa.gov/greeninfrastructure. Click on Municipal Handbook to select and view or download the Handbook Series.

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