Discourse with UWS Aquacleaner Inc. about their approach to "lake restoration"

I am presently involved in a discourse on lake management with the president and staff of UWS Aquacleaner. They were recently featured on Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. The story didn’t really show much lake management and the UWS Aqucleaner folks misrepresented the magnitude of their work, saying they were restoring “dead lakes” when actually they are just sucking all the sediment from in front of private shorefront owners who pay them for that service. This in no way could be classified as lake management or lake restoration, because it lacks the holistic approach of lake and watershed that is truly needed to manage and restore lakes.

I do not  mean to say anything bad about the company or the work they do, but I feel the need to clarify the significance of the work they do. On the single job level, they appear to do what they say they do – remove sediments and plants from a small area.

Added: 1/8/09 – The topic on Discovery Channel has been closed. At least they have admitted that what they are doing is dredging, which is more accurate. And dredging requires all sorts of permits, and design and sediment testing. 
Click HERE or on Title link to view the discussion on the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs Fan Blog. I am “Cedar Eden” and the President Jerry Davis is “myaquacleaner” and some of the otheres are staff. The first post is just an unknown fan of the show.

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  1. If you want to make relevant comments rather than raving rants, I’d be happy to include you in a discussion. But you are just being immature and slandering me.


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