The Cost of Bottled Water

Tap water is a tremendous value for families and communities, typically costing less than half a penny per gallon. Bottled water is often an important and convenient choice for consumers and the traveling public but it certainly has its costs.

Consumers should know about the carbon footprint and environmental impacts of bottled water. It takes a lot of energy to manufacture, transport, and store bottled water. Experts estimate the plastic bottle manufacturing process alone consumes 17 million barrels of oil a year.

Street litter and marine debris are costly concerns, as well. Marine debris is a major pollution problem affecting the world?s oceans, coasts, and watersheds. Although impacts may be more visible at the local beach; marine debris is a national and international problem. Anything can become marine debris. Extremely light-weight items, like plastic bottles, are more likely to become marine debris than heavier items because they can easily be carried by wind from one location to another.

Think globally and drink locally. Tap into the savings and recycle for the streams’ sake.

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Source: EPA Waterheadlines

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