NY State forms Environmental/Government Collaborative to Update Water/Wastewater Infrastructure

An environmental and government collaborative has been formed to help tackle a looming water infrastructure crisis facing New York State. The Clean Water Collaborative will focus on funding solutions for the state’s mounting wastewater and drinking-water infrastructure needs. Due to decreasing federal aid, communities will have to spend in excess of $50 billion during the next 20 years to make required upgrades to meet federal requirements.

Repairs for municipal wastewater treatment plants and drinking water infrastructure are estimated to exceed $50 billion dollars over the next 20 years.

The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) estimates that repairs for municipal wastewater treatment systems statewide will be $36.2 billion, while repairs for drinking-water infrastructure could exceed $20 billion in the same 20-year period. Additionally, federal support for water infrastructure has plummeted roughly 70 percent in the last two decades, delaying critical maintenance and contributing to violations of the Clean Water Act. Hundreds of sewage and wastewater treatment facilities have deteriorated.

Click on Title link to view entire article. Source: NYS EnvironmentDEC

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