Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF): 20 Years of Progress

EPA released the 2007 Annual Report on the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) Programs, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow: 20 Years of Progress. The report marks the 20th anniversary of the largest federal funding program for wastewater infrastructure projects. Since its inception, the CWSRF has funded $63 billion in projects to meet water quality needs ranging from wastewater treatment plant rehabilitation, non-point source pollution control, to estuary and watershed management. In 2007, the programs reached a new high, providing nearly $5.3 billion in assistance to communities of all sizes as well as farmers, small businesses, non-profits and individuals. That includes $240 million for nonpoint source projects.

The report includes information about new initiatives and recognizes the winners of the 2007 Performance and Innovation in the SRF Creating Environmental Success (PISCES) Awards. For a copy of the report, visit: , call the EPA Water Resource Center at (202) 566-1729 or send an email to The reference document number is EPA-832-R-08-001

Click on Title link for more information. Source: EPA Waterheadlines

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