About Water Connections

Our Vision…
Water Connections is a project designed to realize the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds vision of a national water information resource that will facilitate cooperation and collaboration among Canada’s water community.

Our Mission…
The mission of Water Connections is to develop and implement a web-based water information portal that will facilitate access and sharing of water data, resources and contacts nationwide.

Where Are We Now…
The National Steering Committee approved the Requirements Document and the portal has been under continuous construction for the past month. In the near future, a demo version will be tested by ten pilot groups from across the country. Engagement with water managers and practitioners has been strong, and we found people at the CAWQ and FCM conferences most responsive. In addition, our recent national capacity survey met with great success! The results will be available soon and we thank all those who participated!
Learn more and get involved by keeping in touch with our new and improved www.waterconnect.ca

Source: Water Connections Newsletter, Center for Sustainable Watersheds

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