VA Tech’s online TMDL knowledgebase clearinghouse

BLACKSBURG, VA, Feb. 26, 2008 — Virginia Tech's Center for Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) and Watershed Studies has developed an on-line database to house selected TMDL-related information and documents in one central location. The searchable clearinghouse contains three types of resources: TMDL guidance documents, reviews and summaries of TMDL-related technical and trade literature, and state-by-state summaries of TMDL programs across the nation.
State summaries are updated regularly for all 50 states and include the approach and methodology used to develop TMDLs in that state. In total, about 500 documents are available within this database, which was funded, in part, by an EPA grant.

The TMDL Knowledgebase Clearinghouse can be accessed via the Center's website at:

Source: WaterWorld

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