National Groups Launch "Your Water. Your Decision." Campaign for Local Officials Interested in Protecting Drinking Water

The Source Water Collaborative (SWC) is launching a campaign, “Your Water. Your Decision.”, to help local decision-makers take advantage of opportunities to protect sources of drinking water, understand the costs involved, and consider ways to pay for it. The SWC, a group of 16 national organizations and three federal agencies including EPA, was formed with the joint signing of a vision statement in February 2006 to further the goal of protecting sources of drinking water.

As part of this initiative, the SWC has developed a guide for community leaders and a toolkit for using the guide. The “Your Water. Your Decision.” guide is intended as a quick source of key information on local options for protecting drinking water, including development, stewardship, and budgeting. Using the theme, ‘how you govern can determine what you drink,’ the guide was developed as a tool to enable local officials to take action within their communities and with neighboring communities.

The local officials guide and more information on the “Your Water. Your Decision.” Campaign can be found at:

Source: Water Headlines for March 3, 2008 • US Environmental Protection Agency

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