Special DEC Unit to Tackle Dramatic Rise in Invasive Species – NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

With invasive species proliferating throughout New York’s waterways, forests and farmlands, DEC Commissioner Pete Grannis announced recently the formation of a new office within DEC to focus on one of the state’s fastest growing environmental threats. The new Office of Invasive Species will bring together biologists and foresters to develop ways to combat the problem and work with universities, other state agencies and non-profit organizations to support research and raise public awareness. From zebra mussels, to Eurasian water milfoil, to sirex wood wasps, hundreds of non-native plants and animals have invaded New York, posing threats to ecosystems. Experts think that the increasing rate of these invasions is linked to the rise in global shipping.

A Dedicated Office Brings New Focus

Commenting on the need for this office, Governor Spitzer said, ‘Invasive species have a devastating impact, not only on the environment but also the economy. They have wiped out certain tree species, hurt recreational and commercial fishing, and tainted water supplies. This new office will bring a much needed focus to a problem we cannot ignore.’ Commissioner Grannis remarked, ‘Invasive species compete with, prey upon, and substantially”

Click on Title link to view entire article. Source: EnvironmentDEC newsletter

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