Municipal Wastewater Technology Fact Sheets

EPA has developed four new fact sheets for innovative municipal wastewater technologies. These fact sheets are part of a continuing effort by the Office of Water to provide municipal utilities and state regulators with general technical and cost information on a variety of innovative or cost-effective technologies and best management practices. The new fact sheets are entitled: “Denitrifying Filters” (EPA 832-F-07-014), “Side Stream Nutrient Removal” (EPA 832-F-07-017), “In-Plant Wet Weather Peak Flow Management” (EPA 832-F-07016), and “Membrane Bioreactors” (EPA 832-F-07-015). These fact sheets, along with other previous municipal wastewater technology fact sheets on Combined Sewer Overflow Treatment, Biosolids Management, Wastewater Treatment, Storm Water Management, Decentralized Wastewater Systems, Collection Systems Rehabilitation and Replacement, and Energy Conservation and Green Power Generation can be viewed on the EPA web site at

Click on Title link to view entire article. Source: EPA’s Water Headlines

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