Due to Drought, NYS DEC Closes or Delays Fishing in Some Areas

Due to Drought, DEC Closes or Delays Fishing in Some Areas – NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation:

“Because of dry conditions and low water levels in Hinckley Reservoir, flows into West Canada Creek have been reduced to record low levels. As a result, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will be issuing emergency regulations closing this renowned trout stream to all fishing from its mouth (the Mohawk River) upstream to the dam at Trenton Falls.

The regulations affect a 28-mile section of the creek, take effect immediately and run through Nov. 30, the end of the regular season. However, catch-and-release fishing will be allowed beginning Dec. 1 on a stretch of the creek beginning at Trenton Falls Dam and running downstream for 2.5 miles to the Cincinnati Creek.

Low water in the riffles of West Canada Creek impede fish passage, and, as a result, trout and other fish are forced to concentrate in deeper pools. This makes them vulnerable to warmer water temperatures, reduced food supplies and, potentially, low oxygen levels. The trout population also would be subjected to increased levels of angler catch rates and harvest.

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